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The Affiliate Forum Alliance is an alliance of online gambling forums and associations whose charter includes supporting iGaming affiliate interests and promoting transparency in the online gaming industry.

The members of the Affiliate Forum Alliance include:

Affiliate Guard Dog

AffiliateGuardDog.com is an online gaming watchdog organization that tracks changes in the terms and conditions of online gaming sites and affiliate programs to uncover predatory terms. It also shares the most important terms and conditions with affiliates so they can decide whether or not to work with a program.

The Association of Players, Casinos & Webmasters was founded in 2003 to audit online gaming sites to ensure fairness for both players and webmasters. The APCW soon became one of the most highly respected "watchdog" sites for investigating and reporting issues. After the UIGEA was passed in 2006, J. Todd, founder of the APCW, became an outspoken critic of the law and began making videos to educate players and industry personnel on the legal issues facing the industry in the U.S. These videos developed into the wildly successful, "Perspectives Weekly" series, which is carried across hundreds of websites and viewed over a million times in the past year.
Casino Affiliate Listings

Casino Affiliate Listings (CAL) is the sister discussion forum to the Poker Affiliate Listings (PAL) forum dedicated to casino, bingo and sportsbook affiliates around the world. The CAL website includes articles, blogs and tools helpful to online gaming affiliates.

Casinomeister is dedicated to providing information and news on online gambling, online casinos, player issues, and industry events. Casinomeister has provided players, operators and affiliates crucial online casino information for over a decade. Casinomeister promotes safe online gambling by ensuring the casinos on his "Accredited Casinos" list meet rigid standards.
Gambling Affiliate Place

Gambling Affiliate Place is a new discussion forum where online gaming affiliates can communicate with one another to share useful tips and pertinent information to help them succeed in the industry.
Gambling Industry Association

The ultimate mission of the Gambling Industry Association (GIA) is to forward the credibility of the Industry as a whole. The GIA recognizes that there are 4 distinctly separate entities that drive our Industry; Players, Affiliate Programs, Casinos, and Software Providers, each of which have competing financial motives, and are often times in direct conflict with each other. Through cooperation and communication, the GIA aims to bring together these Gambling Industry Stakeholders, one and all, and to create an environment of honesty and co-operation for the betterment of the industry as a whole.
Gambling Portal Webmaster Association

With over 7,000 members, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) is dedicated to helping its members succeed in the online gaming industry. The GPWA was founded in 2001 to provide affiliate members with the means to collaborate with other online gaming affiliates around the world and to strengthen relationships with affiliate programs. Members are encouraged to build productive relationships with likeminded individuals - including many of the industry's top gambling affiliates. Membership is free and benefits include access to the most active iGaming affiliate discussion forum in the world plus a free subscription to the GPWA Times Magazine and the GPWA Times Weekly Newsletter covering industry news of particular interest and concern to portal webmasters, gathered by a full-time team of reporters who have in-depth familiarity with the online gaming industry.
Poker Affiliate Listings

Poker Affiliate Listings (PAL) is the most active discussion forum dedicated to poker affiliates in the world. Originally open to new members by invitation only, PAL is now open to all poker affiliates. The PAL website also includes articles, blogs and poker affiliate tools.
Affiliate Guard Dog
Casino Affiliate Listings
Casino Meister
Gambling Affiliate Group
Gambling Industry Association
Gambling Portal Webmasters Association
Poker Affiliate Listings